I Live in a small town Serui, a city that not everyone is familiar among the cities in Papua. When I first saw the city Serui like expanse of fishing villages and hills, far from life when I was studying at university in Yogyakarta. I do not know why until here. Perhaps my desire to live with independence, which I would feel happy and have several years of living in Serui. Also, because the city is still beautiful and tranquil natural original is too far from the hustle and bustle of big cities I’ve ever met

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  1. 13
    Nugs Says:

    Salam balik sob…,

  2. 14
    Nugs Says:

    Kenal balik sob…

  3. 15
    tri Says:

    hi mas blognya ok ..selamat ya..

  4. 16
    Nugs Says:

    Makasih mas…

  5. 17
    eko prasetyo Says:

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    Nugs Says:

    Silahkan mas, tulis saja di kolom kontak…

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